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Easytools Allwinner By Mrkindaiji [April-2022]




;) tomreyn: this isnt the first time i saw that... indeed not gonna try to find something more about this @tomreyn maybe this may be of help will look tomreyn: hmm the url you gave is very 404? yes that's where I got it from. i see interesting: its in the list of affected :p tomreyn: saw what you suggested the other day about a 17.04 images too? lotuspsychje: right, but the only reliable option for 17.10 is already available. tomreyn: let me rephrase: any tings you can suggest for 17.10? i haven't tried yet, but i'll start doing this now. i see, np lets try lotuspsychje: did you also happen to review the older 19.04 iso tracker? tomreyn: lemme check, but i dont think so i believe the 19.04 ones aren't "tracked" by the tracker, only the 18.04 series, and some special purpose ones. tomreyn: btw, im gonna try to also find a newer version of virt-manager to test it on to test how the bug happens on that too, if it wont work, i come back and see your nice idea lotuspsychje: cool, good luck with that. EriC^^: im trying to setup an ssh tunnel but it keeps giving me: ssh: Could not resolve hostname Name or service not known - howto correct?




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Easytools Allwinner By Mrkindaiji [April-2022]
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